Affiliated To CBSE, New-Delhi Upto 10th

Brilliant Public School

Paleya, Makhdumpur, District – Jehanabad (Bihar)

Admission Procedure

Students are admitted to class I. Application for this class is ordinarily taken three months prior to the commencement of the academic year. The dates of application are announced every year on the School Notice Board and also through various means of communication. The academic year begins in the first week of April. Normally, casual vacancies in other classes are filled in after the commencement of the academic year.

All students applying for admission are normally asked to appear for an admission test and an interview.

After the test and interview, the school authorities make the selection of candidates as per the rules. The decision of the school authorities in the matter of selection of candidates will be final and parents/guardians, when they apply for their child's admission to Brilliant Public School are requested to accept this decision as final.

An affidavit stating the date of birth should be submitted at the time of admission. The candidate should have completed five years before he/she begins the academic year in class I. No further change will be made once this date has been registered in the school records.

Selection of the candidates will be done on the basis of the candidate's mental ability and the educability of the candidate at Brilliant Public School.

Norms for Promotion

Apart from the minimum qualification prescribed by the Central Board, the school has its own norms of eligibility for admission. Eligibility will depend on the following :

The Medium of Instruction

From the year 2009, we have fully adopted English as the medium of instruction at Brilliant Public School.


Co-education, for the proper emotional development and integration of the students has always been fondly desirable. So right from its inception Brilliant Public School has remained a Co-educational school.